Safety is our Core Value

Work It..........

We are committed to continuing excellence in safety.  Safety is our top priority and should never be compromised.  The security of all who work for us and around us is essential.  We strive to implement measures that ensure safe operations for every customer and employee.  Our team members are continuously educated in industry safety and regulatory standards. 

Our guiding principles to achieve this safety vision are: 

  • Employees believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable. 
  • Employees can be safeguarded against workplace hazards. 
  • Safety Leadership is everyone's responsibility. 
  • Field Leadership has a responsibility to train employees to perform work safely and with quality at all times. 
  • Preventing injuries and incidents is morally right and expected of ALL employees. 
  • Working safely is a requirement of our safety culture. ​

We employ a full-time safety coordinator who monitors and enforces safety, health, and environmental policies.  

Live It!!!!!

We maintain compliance through several different resources that are available to us such as the ones you see here.

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