Core Services, Inc.

​​dba: Core Oilfield Services

Serving the Williston, ND and Fort Stockton, Texas Areas

Maintenance and Repair of pipe systems are always needed and we offer the following services and more for the improvements of these systems.

  • Coating and Resurfacing of pipe
  • Anode Installations for Cathodic Protection
  • Line Leak Repair
  • Remediation of old pipelines
  • Modification of Pigging Systems
  • Line Lowering
  • Pipeline Span Repair
  • Pipeline Replacement

Our talents in the Construction of New Pipeline Installations and Structures consist of but are not limited to:

  • Installation of pipe from 2" to 20"
  • Creating Block Valve Assemblies
  • Use and Knowledge of Pigging Systems
  • Use and Knowledge of a Slug Receiver
  • Construction of Dog Legs
  • Type of pipe:
    • High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE)
    • Flex Steel
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Fiberglass

Pipeline Installation and Maintenance

Core Services, Inc. provides gathering, upstream, midstream, and distribution construction services for oil and natural gas pipelines. Our core competencies extend from North Dakota to Texas and embody our years of professional construction experience. Our experienced staff works to achieve the highest levels of safety and quality for each project, ensuring that the oil and natural gas pipeline can withstand extreme pressure and environments with long-term reliability and safety.

Oilfield Pipeline Construction